blessed sante of cori

Blessed Sante continued in the tradition of the early Augustinian friars and was renowned for his preaching of the gospel as well as for his living the gospel message.

Sante was born at Cori in Lazio, Italy, in the first half of the fourteenth century. Having entered the local Augustinian monastery of Saint Augustine as a youth, he later became its prior, and was well known for his gift as an ardent preacher and for his spirit of penance. His relative and fellow townsman, Ambrose Massari, prior general of the Augustinian Order, left in his list of saintly men and women, a brief but lively eulogy about him:

The twenty-third was Blessed Prior Sante of Cori. He was so full of God’s grace that he could sustain an amazing crowd of people of both sexes for many days on the gospel alone. And while he preached, his words were listened to with such rapt attention that when, everywhere else, there was threatening storms and rain pelting down on the field, the sky continued serene over him and his huge audience

Sante died in 1392. His memory is celebrated by the Augustinian Family on 5 October.