blessed josephine mary of saint agnes

In her more than fifty years of religious life Blessed Josephine was known for her simplicity, devoted service to the community, and remarkable spirit of contemplative prayer.Blessed Josephine Mary of Saint Agnes by Mario Ferrari, Rome, Italy.

Josephine Teresa was the name which a poor but honorable couple chose for the daughter who was born to them on 9 January 1625 in the village of Beniganim near Valencia, Spain. On 25 October 1643, when she was eighteen years of age, Josephine entered the Augustinian convent in her hometown as a lay sister and received the name Josephine Mary of Saint Agnes. By her sisters in religion she was more commonly known as Mother Iñez. Though she had a minimal formal education, she possessed a gift of counsel and a noteworthy understanding of theological matters. Because of this, as well as a remarkable gift of spiritual discernment, her advice was sought by some of the most important and influential people of Spain.

Josephine died on the feast of her patroness, Saint Agnes, 21 January 1694. The archdiocese of Valencia initiated the examination of her cause for beatification which resulted in her beatification on 26 February 1888 by Pope Leo XIII. An authoritative biography of Blessed Josephine Mary was written by her confessor, Father Philip Benevent, the pastor of Beniganim. The body of Blessed Mother Iñez rests in the convent which was her home for more than half a century.

Her feast is observed by the Augustinian Family on 23 January.