blessed peter friedhofen

Blessed Peter saw Christ in the poor and the infirm.

Peter was born on 25 February 1819 in Weitersburg near Koblenz, Germany, and was orphaned at an early age.

The open religious devotion of the people of his hometown contributed toward his filial relationship with God and our Lady, invoked under the title of Help of Christians.

As a boy he was employed as a street-sweeper and, in the exercise of his duties, concerned himself with attracting as many young people as he could, establishing for them the Confraternity of Saint Louis. But the Spirit was pushing him toward greater goals.

On 21 June 1850 Peter founded the Congregation of Brothers of Mercy of Mary Help of Christians, with this goal: the love of God for people must be made manifest in their love for the poor and infirm. The Congregation was aggregated to the Order of Saint Augustine in 1930.

Brother Peter died on 21 December 1860 at the age of forty-one. He was beatified on 23 June 1975 by Pope Paul VI. His mortal remains are preserved in the general house of his Congregation in Trier, Germany.

His memory is celebrated by the Augustinian Family on 23 June.